tw telecom - Channel Monthly

Information = Opportunity in Growth Markets

Business people in meetingWhen I took on the role of Vice President and General Manager for tw telecom’s Orange County market in September, I knew I was part of a great team of sales professionals — both inside and outside our company. I had previously served as Sales Director for our market area, so I was aware  that Orange County is an incredibly diverse and exciting place to be right now.

I also know how important our Channel Partner relationships are in serving that diverse market. The Orange County market has grown more than 20% annually for the past six years. In order to achieve those growth numbers, we need all our partners selling into the market.

Our Channel organization has strong relationships with strategic clients in the city and through them, we’ve been able to bring service to large, highly recognizable enterprises. Sales revenue from our Channel Partners in Orange County has doubled over the last 12 months alone.

To be sure we are providing the transparency our Channel Partners need to take advantage of the opportunities out there, tw telecom offers monthly webinar training. But locally, we add to that asset by providing additional training events and informational meetings.

On Sept. 4, we held a GM meeting that included education for our partners about our fiber footprint and expansion areas — a topic of great interest because tw telecom expanded its network significantly this year. We also provided the agents with a current list of on-net and investment buildings for them to focus on. The goal is to educate them as much as possible about local expansion areas. When they understand our footprint and capabilities in the city, they’ll be able to take full advantage of new opportunities.

Going forward, I will continue to hold quarterly Channel Partner meetings to provide updates, strategic vision, and specific product training programs.

You are a key factor in our success in the city, and I look forward to working with all of you.

Michelle Preston
Vice President/General Manager
Orange County